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SanShine has designed transformer automatic scanning tester which tests all parameters at same time

Jun 13, 2020

SanShine has designed and issued out successfully the high frequency transformer automatic scanning tester in 2002 year which can measure out the inductance,leaking inductance,turns,turns ratio,istributed capacitance,pins short of the transformer by one time.

User only need enter theires each one type transformer parameters and save into the transformer tester.Then insert the transformer pins into the scanning testing box and press the "start" key or the footswitch key to test.The tester will display all perameters at same time and judge the transformer what is good or fail at same time.This automatic transformer analyser helps many transformer,inductors manufacturers to produce and measure theirs transformers more easyer,faster and improve quality. SanShine will focus fully on developing more practical high precise automatic transformer test system continualy for the transformer,inductor coils manufacturers.

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