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Programable wire cable harness tester

The programable wire cable harness tester (SS8681series) is used for testing the cable harness and wire harness.
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    SS8681 series
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Product name : Programable wire cable harness tester (SS8681 series)

MICROTEST TF8681 cable harness tester

Description :

The programable wire cable harness tester (SS8681series) is used for testing the cable harness and wire harness. Like as : Automobile cable harness, audio cableharness, power cable harness, network cable, telephone wires, USB cable, HDMI cable, video cable harness, RS232 cable, etc. . This cable harness tester(SS8681 series) can check and find which one wire is opened or shorted or conducting and check the wires insulation grade by one time. So quickly and easy. This cable harness tester (SS8681 series) can substitute the MICROTEST cable harness tester (TF8681) fully and easily.

Feature :

1. Up to 700Vdc/500Vac Test Voltage

2. 512 Max. Test Points

3. Auto Scan and Auto Pin Search

4. Intermittent Conductance Test

5. Intermittent Open/Short Test

6. Providing Single-End Testing

8. Large 320×240 LCD Display

9. Full Programming Sequence Test

10. Versatile I/O Ports for application

11. Statistics and Print Function

Test function :

Item Symbol Test range
Conductance COND 0.1Ω~50Ω
Resistance R 0.1Ω~1.0MΩ
Insulation IR 1MΩ~500MΩ
Open/ Short O/S 2KΩ~50KΩ
Intermittent O/S Test
Intermittent Cond. 0.1Ω~50Ω
Single-End Test
Open / Short terminal Judgment

Specification :

Advanced Functions Programmable Sequential Test
Auto Pin Search
Self Diagnostic
Self Calibration
Basic Accuracy ±5%
Scanning Mode Auto/Short Switchable
Meas. speed 0.1 Sec Basic
Test Signal Information 200~700Vdc / 500Vac
DC Insulation /Hi-pot ±5% Accuracy
Display and Sound 320×240 Graphic LCD Display
6 Digits Numeral Formatting
Pass/Fail LED Indicator/LCD Display
Internal Speaker
Connections 128 Test Points
256/512 Points Optional
Hi-pot Calibration +/- Output
Auto Pin-Search Jack
Front Panel Buttons Sys Key/Fast Key/Edit Key/Soft Key
I/O Interface Printer Port
Remote ControlPort (Optional)
RS-232 Port (Optional)
RS-485 Port (Optional)
Memory Built-in 512KB SRAM
Battery Backup
Power Supply Switching 115/230 Vac±10%
Accessory Auto Pin-Search Probe
2-in-1 64Pin DIN-to-Horn Converter
Remote Control Cable (Optional)
RS-232 Cable (Optional)
GPIB Cable (Optional)
Power Cord
3→2 Power Line Adapter
User's Guide
Temperature & Humidity 15°C~35°C
Dimension (WxHxD) 425*190*350mm
Weight Approx, 14Kgs(w/o Accessory)
Cable Capacitance Limit 1μF Max.
order code Description
SS-8681N Cable/Harness Tester (DC 700V)
SS-8681NC2 256 Test Points
SS-8681NC3 512 Test Points
SS-8681FA DC 700V , AC 500V Added
SS-8681FAC2 256 Test Points
AV-8685DH1 2-in-1 64Pin DIN-Horn Converter
AK-8600F1 Fixture Flat Cable (30cm)
KB-8685K1 Calibration Fixture Set

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